Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Field Day!!

Sorry for the lack of blogging lately. Trying to finish up school and you know how that goes (busy busy busy!) Also, I'm finishing up my capstone for grad school and all of the stuff that goes with it, so no time to do the fun stuff! :)

We had field day on Tuesday b/c of the rain on Monday. The weather was overcast and cool so it made for a very nice day!! No humidity that day thank goodness.

Took a few pics before the battery died in the camera.

The whole class with their awesome shirts from A+Images!

My boys in tug of war! They did great!!

The after!

60 yard dash!

He was so focused!

Wish I could have taken pictures of the tire rolling relay and the balloon pop! Hilarious!!


  1. Got any tips for finishing a capstone?! We are working on the research part right now. We don 't officially start writing until next month. Any advice or suggestions would be helpful! You've got some strong boys!


    1.'s a lot of work! LOL
      I'll email you this weekend! :)