Friday, June 28, 2013

Five For Friday, Giveaways, & Guest Blogger Sign Up

I just realized how hard it is to come up with 5 awesome things to talk about when you are not working. Especially when you've been lazy relaxing quite a bit! So hopefully I can come up with a couple of things that may or may not be of any interest to you. ;)


1. Of course we all know that Google Reader is saying adios. Click on the button to enter some awesome giveaways for this going away party. 

2. I've been dabbling with doing some new things to my blog. For example: Sidebar titles. (the ones that say About me, follow me, labels, etct) Made a couple of really cute ones that will match my blog. But for whatever reason, when I upload a transparent image to blogger, it still puts an ugly black background.

Grr....any suggestions all of you techy folks?  I've googled and read and done everything it says to do but no such luck.

3. Then I got creative and tried my hand at creating an entire blog layout from scratch. Again. On my blog, I created all of it, the header, layout, etc. but I like to learn as I go. All of that html hoopla is a little overwhelming for this little 'ole K teacher though.

But wanted to try something different. It's cute. I have no use for it b/c I like what I have for now. (I like to change things up quite a bit!)

Here's a snippet....still have some kinks to work out. Teach, Read, Inspire was our school's motto this past year.
                                                                                                                           Mrs. Thigpen's Kindergarten

4. Heading off to KY at the end of July for our mission trip. Looking for some guest bloggers during that week. We will leave on Saturday, July 20th and return the following Saturday, the 27th.

So I've made it pretty easy for you to sign up.

Just go here!

Never heard of it!? It's really easy. I found it through Tonya's Treats for Teachers and thought it this is so much simpler than having to sort through emails and pick and choose! :)

Click HERE to sign up!!! If you choose to sign up, please make sure you have your scheduled post to me with any pics, etc. that you want included NO LATER THAN July 17th. I have to have time to have everything up and running, as well as PACK!!!, before I leave that Saturday!

5. Here's a freebie for you just because you guys rock and you read all the way through this post! :)  It's a few BEE planner dividers and a cover. Click on the pic to take you to Google Docs.

Thanks for reading!
Maybe next week I'll have something a little more engaging for this Five for Friday! Or...not! :)


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