Thursday, August 8, 2013

A Couple More Pics & Birthday Bash Day 3

Off to school today to finish what I couldn't yesterday due to feeling ugh. Still can't move furniture so maybe next week I'll have better pictures. Right now it's kind of ho hum but it's a definite work in progress.

 Are these not the biggest scissors ever? I forgot I had these. Sheesh. Hide them please! :)

Above the sink. This is part of where they said they would paint but hasn't happened yet. Probably won't. So I said ya know what I'm hiding this. It's kind of an eye sore. I do use the counter for storage but that looks neater now that I've updated my tubs. See this post here.

 Better right?? The bins on the left will move back to the right. And I would love to get a light back there (probably just a touch one that sticks to the wall b/c of the water and fire marshall) but it definitely looks sooo much brighter. It says Fun in K in case you can't see b/c it's shiny!

Added the banner Shapes above the shapes I put up on Tuesday. Have no idea why it looks crooked (like the whole picture) I guess I can't take photos very well. I need to do something with the ribbon that's hanging but my arm was tired trying to push pin the panel wall. I'll make some nice bows or something.

Ok so I've had these math tubs for a few years now. Saw them on Jessica Meacham's site before I knew what blogging and blog stalking following was. She has a ridiculous amount of AWESOME stuff on her site. If you have never been there, you have no idea what you are missing. You can get lost.

So a few years back I organized all the math goodness into tubs to make my life easier. And it has. But I realized the other day how horrible the labels looked after years and years. So I made new ones. Of course I used Irene's Love Carbs font b/c it's my favorite.  

 Still have a couple to relabel. I would love to also put colored paper on the inside of the bins to "hide" the math stuff but my kiddos need to be independent so oh well. It still looks SOOO much better. I have two more of these storage units to the left of the polka dotted shelf that I redid the labels as well. 

That's pretty much it today. Next week I hope to be able to move some furniture and do a couple of other things so that I can finish up the room. Still a LOT left to do.

Ok now to birthday bash day 3. It's still going to be a Pin it or Share it to Win it.

Yesterday you could've won my new Chalkboard classroom set, today's winnings are up to you!

Pin or share (fb or blog) anything from my TPT store or TN store.

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You could win whatever you pinned or shared today if you're number is picked!! :) 

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