Monday, August 19, 2013

BTS Sale and a Freebie

I hope that you all filled your shopping carts the past couple of days. I bought a few items that I had my eye on for a while. Finish up your shopping before the sale ends tonight.

I will have my store 20% off for an extra day as well! You won't be able to get the extra 10% tomorrow but you can still save the 20%!

I'm still working in my room, today was the first "official" day back so we had our back to school meetings and some training for Power School (we are starting that this year, anyone else already use it???)

I have to go to CPR training tomorrow (fun times....) so I won't be able to work in my room tomorrow, so I'm trying to get some stuff ready for my assistant to run for open house. 

Here's a little contact log you can grab. Just click on the picture to grab it up.

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