Tuesday, August 6, 2013

It's A Sneak Peek & A Birthday Celebration

Headed out to school today to attempt something (without moving furniture...ahem..that was a hard thing to ignore...). Felt like I accomplished a little something.

Here's a few pics. 

From the classroom door. See said furniture on the right...ya know the stuff I can't move yet. 


 This is the wall with the owl alphabet from the post yesterday. See how it's so drab, no color, no fun, panel board. If I understood the whole hastag thing that would've been a great one.

 Now it's bare. Totally changed up my ideas.

Added the color words. I needed more color on this wall instead of the word wall. Moved the word wall to another wall for the FIRST time eva! :)

 The shape posters are to the left of the color words.

And here is said word wall! On the other wall! LOL This is the wall to the right of the classroom door. Want to move the number line ABOVE the color words. Need a ladder and a tall person. 

This is the vent in my room. I have to talk REALLY LOUD sometimes over that. But really I don't it just seems that my voice gets louder when it kicks on the air and the heat. (I share heat/air with 4 other classrooms....can be tough with everyone in different moods). Remember---open classrooms. Two vents. 

As stated in pic....ugh...needs painting badly....gross tape left from years and years and years. I attempted.  

My attempt. It looks WAY better in person. And very colorful from the door (I think you can see it in the first pic!!)

Red cabinets. Pretty much only storage IN room. Before walls...these WERE the walls. 


Took the owls off of my before word wall. Changed up the stars. Looks better. 


 He does NOT come with the classroom. But my oh my....is he spoiled or what?

That's all for the sneak peek today. I plan on doing a few other things tomorrow possibly or maybe Thursday. Depends. Will take pics for that.

Oh, if you aren't a FB follower, then you missed a Flash Freebie today!!!!

Make sure you become a follower so you don't miss any more freebies. May have one up for tomorrow. 

Today's flash freebie was my new chalkboard classroom set. The word wall headers I have up in my room are included in this packet. 
(TPT or TN)

 But just because you didn't grab it today during the flash freebie doesn't mean you still can't get it!!

Saturday, August 10th is my birthday. I will be....well how old do you think I will be?

The first one to guess will win this packet. Be sure to
leave a comment with your email.

Stay tuned later this week for a Pin it or Share it to Win it. A birthday week of fun!




  1. Happy Birthday! Are you 32?

    1. Haha yep Lori!!! Thanks for commenting. Check your email!

  2. Wow you have been working hard! :) I keep changing things in my room too. Hoping to make some final decisions some day before school starts... :) Happy birthday beautiful!

    Fun in PreK-1 & Kinder

    1. Aww you are too sweet.
      You'd think after being in the same room the past 9 years I'd figure it out, but not quite! LOL