Saturday, August 17, 2013

Teachers Pay Teachers Sale & Box Tops!

Yay! It's that time of the year when TPT holds their most awesome back to school sale. I'm linking up with Kimberly over at Live, Laugh, I LOVE Kindergarten for her Sale Linky.
If you are running at sale at your store, go over and link up with her so everyone can see. Do you have tons of stuff on your wish list? I usual. 

I'll have everything in my store 20% starting the day of the sale (Sunday) through the 20th (Tuesday). Only Sunday and Monday though can you get the extra 10% from TPT. But don't forget to leave feedback for  your purchases and earn points. Then redeem those points for more stuff on your wish list! :)

I've done that quite a bit and ended up with even more goodies than what I had planned on getting. 

I've been swamped in my room all week and helping a couple of new ladies on our grade level. I haven't taken any pictures of the room but I will this week. I'm loving it because it's so different than what I've done before. It's amazing how just moving something from here to there can make a huge difference. Or even adding new stuff to the wall.

I have been getting some of my mess stuff at home organized to take back to work on Monday. I have chair pockets from Really Good Stuff that were bought for our classrooms about 5? years ago. They look like these below.

More® Deluxe Chair Pockets, Blue - Set Of 6 

I had plenty until our class sizes exploded about 4 years ago. So I had a friend make me a few more for my room. I bring them home every year and wash them (they wash sooo well in the washing machine and dry well too---no shrinkage, no plastic liners melting or anything).  
But oh my word, I think it's about time for some new ones. Mine look sooo bad LOL b/c they have been used for so long. Again, they hold up very well but I forgot how long I've had them and now it's beginning to show.

Oh well, until I can afford new ones mine will have to do. But I do love having chair pockets, it takes away from the ugly look of the chairs in the room (especially if you have completely different chairs through out your room!) 

So one task down---laundry for school! LOL 

I did make this today too.

 (I love oatmeal---but not plain..yuck. But add plain oatmeal to a smoothie...delicious!)

I've been saying every year that I need to make something to hold my box tops...well I've finally made it. I save my box tops for our PE department, they order equipment and what not so the school helps them out. 

I just used the 'ole modge podge and some left over scrapbook paper from this Monday Made It project. Then just attached it on and made a label! Easy enough, right?!

Off to finish up a few more little things and with the rainy, cool day we are having, I foresee a nap! 


  1. Love your Box Tops container!! Super cute. I wish my school was a little more organized about collecting them... I remember when I was in school we had classroom competitions to see who could bring in the most! I use a little mini garbage can with a label to hold mine. I might have to buy some oatmeal now... :)
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