Monday, August 5, 2013

Busy Monday!!

As I'm sure you can see...I have a new blog design. I was a lucky "guinea pig" from Megan's little guinea pig giveaway!!! Megan is the author of:

A Bird in Hand Designs    &     I Teach. What's Your Super Power? 

I know I loved my previous blog design (b/c I attempted it myself) but I could not pass up trying for this!! I was sooo excited when my number was picked! LOL I love trying to figure out how to do all of this myself but when the "experts" are soooo much better at it, then why not let them do their magic. And Megan nailed it.

I was able to pick the color palette I wanted from Design Seeds. It's soo me. I love blue and green. My two fave colors and this was perfect.
color swim 

And I chose the Boxed & Patterned design from her choices that she gave.  And bam! I have a new blog layout and update. Love it!!!!

So if you need anything updated for your blog....make sure you check out Megan's designs. 

Now to school stuff----went by there today (oh yeh Graduation from grad school was today!! WOOP WOOP! Wasn't able to make it there in person but I'm still excited that it's now OFFICIAL!) 

Anyhoo...went by school today, still can't get into the room to move furniture (waiting on carpet to be cleaned) but was told I can go in there and do other stuff. So, what did I do? I went home and worked on that "other stuff" so that tomorrow I can go put that stuff up! 

Whew that's a rambling sentence.

So here are a few things I did today.

1. I have no shape posters. How I have no idea! I have A poster with shapes but NO shape posters. That had to be fixed. (They are really NOT this wrinkled but I guess they chose to be for the pic!) Found these awesome ones on TPT from Middle Grades Maven.

2. Color Posters (yes before you gasp, I have those--but they needed an update). I found TONS of cute ones like here and here.  But I decided to use these. How cute! They are from here.

3. And then I created these new word wall headers. I liked my owl ones that I put up at the end of the year (see pic). I know it's not a good picture but well I guess they are just smaller than what I want. I'm trying to change things. So I'm going to take the owls down tomorrow and put them on the red cabinets in my room. (I will take pictures tomorrow while I'm there). I think the big owl that I made will go above the sink in the room to hide some of the nasty wall.

So I made these instead. LOVE THEM!!!
The graphics are from Graphics From the Pond and I just used Irene's awesome fonts! They are much bigger and I think it'll look better on that horrible colored wall. 


4. So then as I'm in a printing & laminating frenzy. I made these pinterest finds!

Birthday display. Source is found here. I love how Michelle made her's but I just changed it up to fit my needs. Michelle has an awesome packet with stuff like this. Make sure you check the link out!!

 Source can be found here. She has this as a freebie!

This pin is floating around with a variety of ways to make it. From modge podge to stickers, but I chose to remake and frame! Here is the original source (at least I think so!)



  1. Congrats Nicki! I bet you are excited to be done! I finish Thursday, just got to get through with the paper and presentation! Your room is going to look great! Can't wait to see pictures! And, your blog looks fabulous!

    An Apple a Day in First Grade

    1. Awww! I was just reading this post, loving every word, downloading in between sentences, and then I recognized a font! :)
      And you gave me a shout out.

      Thanks girl! This whole post rocks!
      Learning With Mrs. Leeby

    2. Btw, your new design is spectacular!

    3. Yes I'm sooo glad to be finished with grad school! Whew.

      Thanks Irene!!! LOL you are funny! I LOVE that particular font!!! :)