Thursday, November 28, 2013

Our Thanksgiving Feast, Sales, & Bundles!

We had a great time Tuesday celebrating Thanksgiving with our neighboring classmates. The girls were Native Americans and the boys were Pilgrims. They enjoyed juice, popcorn, and muffins. And of course we finished it off watching A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.

We also had fun making Turkey Patterns from my November Fun Pack. The kiddos loved using cubes to make their patterns and then transfer it to their pattern book.

And you know how everyone is playing all of those bump games? Well I thought how fun it would be to play it in well....large format. So I created a Roll & Bump mat out of butcher paper. The students used two large blow up dice to roll. I put them into two teams and they would roll and count the number of dots (little did they know they were adding) and would cover the number they rolled.

If they rolled what the other team rolled, they could bump them off.

They loved this game!! 


And Cyber Monday is on it's way. Teachers Pay Teachers is having their annual Cyber Monday sale. My store will be 20% Monday-Wednesday and you can get an extra 10% from TPT on Monday and Tuesday using the code CYBER.

I'm linking up with Learning With Mrs. Leeby and other stores who will be hosting a sale those days as well.

Also my store will be on sale at Teacher's Notebook as well. They are offering their build a bundle sets from November 30th-Dec. 2nd. Click on the picture to take you to the site.

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  1. I love your cute turkey pattern books! :) We watched a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving as well. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Nicki!

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