Tuesday, November 26, 2013

What are kindergarteners thankful for?

I love seeing and hearing what my kiddos are thankful for each Thanksgiving. These are some of my favorites. What do you think the word PNS could be---when using inventive spelling?? LOL Keep reading to find out! :)

 I am thankful for sunshine. I am thankful for the sun and the sunshine. I like the sun. Sunshine shines in people's eyes.

(Still working on pictures in the next few) 
I am thankful for my cousin. I am thankful for my daddy. I am thankful for my ? (th??) Not sure.
I am thankful for my house.

 I am thankful for my toy. My toy is a princess (watch your minds people! LOL) Yes I went there...b/c using inventive spelling...well it would work LOL. If you aren't sure what word I thought it said---sound it out! ;)
Make sure you NEVER assume---always always always have the kiddos read their writing to you! 

 Of course--we have to be thankful for the xbox and the ds! :)

Finally finished my Sight Word Find & Practice Pack #2!!!! It's 40% today only at my Teacher Notebook shop!!! :)

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