Saturday, November 16, 2013

Thanksgiving Freebies and Station Rotation

It's almost the end of November and I have finally figured out a way to do a station rotation in my classroom that I LOVE! I'm using it for my Literacy Groups and Math Groups and it really works. It's just taking me some getting use to but the kiddos are all like ''let's do this!"

In fact, after the many years of teaching, I think I have finally found something that works. Hopefully it'll keep working! ;)

Here's a picture of the pocket chart (please don't mind their names---this was a quick put together and I'm still working on how to display their names without it looking so jumbled). The OCD in me is bothered by it but I'll figure that part out.

Basically, here's how it goes down. In the morning I do my literacy rotations. So the right side of the pocket chart displays their groups (the groups were able to pick their own group name) and then there are letters in orange. Each letter represents a particular station in the classroom. 
For example, letter L is the computers, G is the reading station, D is writing, etc. I (thank goodness) have only 23 kiddos this year (the past few years it's been upwards to 28 or so) so these stations will last 3 weeks!!!! I only do stations Tuesday-Friday b/c Monday is our block day.

Here is a picture of some of the basket stations:
These hold activities from my November Fun Pack (beginning sound sort and Pilgrim ABC order) as well as syllable practice and although you can't see it, one letter is a clipboard for write the room. You can see one of the cards hanging up though.  I'll post more later about what is in each station (for math and reading).

I just move the letters down instead of their names to the station they would go to each day. I love this. The kiddos love this. My IA loves this. Life is good.

Same concept for math. I just chose numbers obviously for the stations and that's what they do. 

Here is a picture of where I house my math stations:

Roll a dice games, counting out chips for ten frame practice, another write the room for math, and geoboards are just a few of the activities in these stations. Again these will last for 3 weeks as well.

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Here are a few of my favorite freebies for Thanksgiving!!

Turkey / Thanksgiving FREE Craftivity Patterns

You can find the pattern for these awesome turkeys from Doodle Bugs Teaching!

Grab these free calendar cards from my Teacher's Pay Teacher's store!
Turkey Calendar Cards 

Here is a Thanksgiving Number Match for free from my store as well!! Students match the number, number word, and ten frame!!

Thanksgiving Number Match

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