Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Behavior Management Linky

I was excited to see What the Teacher Wants was having a behavior management linky party because it's always neat to see how everyone manages behavior differently. I like how you guys are so creative in the choices that you use in order for you students to be successful in the classroom and overall.

For those that are familiar with PBIS, then you will understand our behavior system. PBIS is positive behavior interventions and support. You can read more about here 
http://www.ncpublicschools.org/positivebehavior/background/ and how NC uses it.

Now I can't speak for all schools, but our school has been using it for the past 4-5 years. Students are not allowed to "turn" cards over, or anything of the like. Everything we do is a "positive" approach to the behavior. Our students can "earn" 3 paws a day. We are the cubs so we use paw prints. 

Students can earn paws by doing the following:
C-control your behavior
U-use quiet voices
B-be kind and respectful
S-silently walk to all destinations.

Each classroom can then take those main points above and discuss with the students what each looks like. For instance, in my room, the letter C (control your behavior) would "look like" this---raising hand before speaking, sitting criss-cross applesauce, etc. B (be kind and respectful) would "look like" this---keeping hands and feet to self, using nice words, etc. 
And so forth. 

We have to have this displayed and at any time, the head committee people (not sure of their title) of this PBIS team can visit our school and come in and ask the students and staff what PBIS is and have the kids explain what each letter of CUBS means, do they earn paws, etc.

I choose to display mine like this (sorry for the non-painted door---we are upgrading stuff):

I use the main heading CUBS and under each letter I use a paw print that states what each letter would "look like". Of course my students can't read what's on the paw prints yet, but they already know what each letter stands for and how it should look when done correctly. 

To keep parents informed, we do a monthly calendar (I usually use busyteachercafe.com) because it's fast. I put on the calendar any information that I want parents to know (early dismissals, etc.) and then I put ____ paws and each day my assistant will write in how many paws a student earns. Students can never earn less than 1 or more than 3. 
So there you have it. That's our school wide behavior plan. Link on up and explain your behavior plans!


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  3. Thanks for linking up to our linky party! I think the PAWS ideas is super cute and I love your CUBS chart!! Thanks so much for sharing!!