Tuesday, September 4, 2012

TBA's Open House Week!

Well I found this linky today and thought I'd join in. Teaching Blog Addict is having an Open House Linky Party this week and Monday was Meet the Teacher but ooops its Tuesday so I'll just combine both. 
Open House Week

And there is more awesome stuff coming each day of the week so be warned and link up! :)

So a little about me.

I teach Kindergarten in eastern NC---where it's hot, humid, and the BBQ is awesome (oh for those up north, BBQ down here is chopped pork--LOL) I have some amazing friends who are from the north and we've had this discussion so many times--the difference between a cookout and a bbq. 

Anyway----so this year is the beginning of year 10 for me, whew, that's kinda hard to swallow--10 years hmm....my first year I taught 3rd but I've been in K ever since (my heart is with the little ones).

I've been married for 7 1/2 years to my awesome hubby. No kiddos yet for us---lots of prayers are going up on this b/c it's been a long time in the making but we will see what happens. We do have a little 4 legged child though, a beagle named Raylan. 
I'm 31 years old and ahem that's kinda hard to swallow too, but I'm okay with it :). 
A few Loves:
SHOES LOL (see currently from previous post)
chocolate of course
the beach

A few random dislikes:


I am National Board Certified as of '09....and I'll have my master's degree in elementary ed when I finish my cohort July 2013. 

Love teaching and seeing new little faces every year, watching them grow from where they are now (whew) and where they will be in June.

We have a wild time in K but they also know when it's time to chill....we build relationships with each other and work together as a family. 

TUESDAY picture link (remember this is two in one b/c I missed yesterday)

Just a few pics---these are not updated b/c I've made some big changes but here's what I got

From the front door
                                              From the back of the room

I promise I'll post more pics soon---the lighting is T.E.R.R.I.B.L.E in there for picture taking!

Thanks for sticking through to the end! :)

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