Sunday, September 16, 2012

Something witty should go here........

Sometimes I struggle with a title for my you can see! :)  
Hope everyone has enjoyed your weekend. I've loved reading about your first few weeks of school...hard to believe there's only two weeks left of September. Where does the time go?

I have finally finished a farm unit that I've been working on foreveerrrr. 

This unit includes:
-syllable sorting
-beginning sound sorting
-tree maps to describe farm animals
-bubble maps to describe farm animals
-double bubble for a cow and a pig
-word puzzles
-sentence building with picture cards and with words only for differentiation with 3 different versions of writing practice to aid in sentence building
-more/less practice
-tens and ones practice

Whew...lots of's a sneak peek...

And there's a lot on the picture to go check it out. It would go great with the farm puzzles freebie I offered up a week or so ago.

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