Saturday, September 1, 2012

One week down..and a link up with a freebie

Whew---I made it through one full week of figuring out bus numbers, showing kiddos how to tuck their shirts in, how to sit criss-cross applesauce, and a case of the pink eye for me...ugh.

 And then Friday came--26 students total but only 24 showed up---and I did all of the above but with 24 students instead of just a few. But it went rather smoothly I think. I'm just glad it's a 3 day weekend...I need time to recoup. 

Now I need to do lesson plans for next week, grad school work, and create some stuff. But instead--I'm blogging...go figure. 

Well over at Graphics From the Pond she is having really cool link up. It's for those that download these awesome little ghosts, create something with it, and link up to showcase those items. 

So of course I thought I'd jump in. I created a little book about these 5 Little Ghosts and you can pick it up for free over at my TPT store. Hope you enjoy and  hop on over to the linky party and pick up those other items as well. The linky party runs until October so keep checking back!!! There may be more coming.... :)

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